Mystery shopping is invaluable for all companies whose staff has direct contact with members of the public. The customer service experience is one area of the marketing mix in which increasingly organizations seek to differentiate their offering from that of their competitors and the manner in which staff interacts with the customer is of critical importance. It allows customer service or other aspects of customer experience to be evaluated and allows organizations to identify where and how improvements can be made.It is

We at TS Lineage Research have a very strategic approach to ensure that the behavior of real customers is replicated as closely as possible, a key first stage is to review how contact with the client is typically made and how for example enquiries are made and how orders are placed. We evaluate and measure customer service standards by use of agents acting as if they were customers. It is arguably the fastest and most effective method of obtaining hard objective management data about customer service levels.


Our Approach 


  •  Creating a plot to best suit the needs.                                         
  •  Keeping various scopes so that insistence is not confined to a query.
  •  Briefing interviewers to ensure spontaneity by comprehending all possible rebuttals.
  •  Recording telephone interviews to analyze the outcome of project.




  • Trained resources to keep the conversation legitimate.
  • Evaluate situations to ascertain questions and give instinctive authentic replies.
  • Experienced native research professionals across APAC, EMEA, LATAM& N. AMERICA.