Our team of experienced multi lingual research professionals and Project Managers have experience of conducting research in more than 40 countries and over 60 languages. TS Lineage Research offers an unique blend of experience and in-depth understanding of market specifics. Our key areas of expertise include:

Market Research in Financial Services
Market research focusing on the quality of client service, satisfaction of client needs as well as usage & attitude studies.

Market Research in Retail and FMCG

Market research including brand image research, advertising research, product concept testing, taste testing and mystery shopping are just a few areas of research covered by a wide range of projects we have carried out in the retail and FMCG market.

Market Research in HoReCa [Hotels, Restaurants & Catering Service]
Market research focusing on the quality of customer service, customer loyalty and eating habits are few areas where we have carried out the research.

Market Research in Media and Telecommunications
Research into customer needs, customer satisfaction and loyalty, service level, product tests and advertising research.

Market Research in Industrial Production
Research into distribution channels and target groups, as well as market analysis covering price levels and market shares of major players.

Market Research in Medical and Pharmaceutical Market
Research into packaging concepts, medicine names, diagnosis and treatment regimens.

Market Research in Other Industries
We have also conducted research for our clients in other industries, including tourism, white goods production and distribution, luxury goods (consumer discretionary), automotive, services and machinery production, energy & utilities, agriculture & mining.