Over the past decade, the use of online methods for market research has skyrocketed. Due to ever-increasing technological advances it has become easy to design, conduct and analyze surveys at a rapid pace. Even so there are certain deficiencies that have not affected the advance of the online medium but have stirred the quality of the data. With large accessibility in many countries and quality control, businesses still linger on CATI as the most effective and rapid form of data collection.
We at TSLR aspire to revisit the traditional survey methods of CATI & CAWI to boost participation and curtail burdens of quality by enlisting qualified respondents on board and ensuring anonymity and flexibility of respondents.

Our Approach

  • Discernthe objective of the study.
  • Decipher the Questionnaire and assist with Survey Programming & Hosting if required.
  • Chalking out a plan of action to ensure timely execution of the project.
  • Internal Quality check to ensure proper screening of data.
  • Final scrutiny of data by quality team.
  • Deliverable desired format like SPSS, excel, ASCII as designated by the client within 24 to 48 hrs.

P.S. - Data deliverable stages may vary depending on projects and the discretion of the client.


  • TS Lineage Research offers SPEED always and QUALITY first CATI service for both B2C & B2B across various industries.
  • The CATI center harbors 20 multi lingual research professionals with provision of 24X7 services.
  • Experienced multi lingual research professionals with background in different verticals for e.g. healthcare, telecom, IT are responsible for overseeing the survey process.
  • In-house server with automatic dialing, supervisor monitoring, remote barge-in and call recording facilities makes the functioning of the CATI center streamlined.
  • Research professionals deployed in a project are thoroughly trained on all aspects of Marketing Research to ensure uncompromised stand on Quality.
  • VOIP and ISDN telephone lines are used to ensure high-voice quality.