As the name suggest F2F research is a methodology where in the interviewer meets the respondent in person and captures his or her responses on a piece of paper or a tablet or a laptop depending on the geographies and the target group. With the onset of demands for new commodities and automation services in the market leading companies are now keener to reach out to the general population with an intent to capture real time data using this methodology. Face-to-Face interview techniques are vastly organized to understand trends, satisfaction and wantsofthe general population.

Our reach of the niche segment and presence in APAC, EMEA, LATAM& N.AMERICA has rendered us useful in carrying out this methodology successfully. A good on-ground presence courtesy our experienced research professionals makes way for an efficient and seamless data collection while adhering to the norms laid down by the MRS (Market Research Society).

Our Approach


  • Analyzing TGand determine prime location for Intercept.
  • Scheduling and RecruitingTarget Group overthe phone.
  • Pursue appointments and Data Entry through Experienced Representatives.
  • Initiating Set-Up two days prior fieldwork commencement for Central Location Tests & Mall Intercepts.
  • Translation, transcription (including proof reading by natives) and data annotations of Open Ends.
  • Report in PPT/Excel as per client’s discretion.




  • Ability to identify and reach out to niche Target Groups.
  • Region wise penetration that becomes hard to reach via phone or email.
  • Experienced Moderators ensure quality data as respondent are well versed with the Questionnaire.
  • Respondents self-administer the questionnaire in the presence of our Moderator thus reducing any biased data output.