Conversation helps break the ice and is the most accepted form of data collection. Unlike standardized closed ended interviews with fewer options depth interviews allow the respondents to explore and pour out their opinion as per their experience or what they deem to be fit. Constant probing and want for more information allows interviewers to encapsulate data which is instrumental to the outcome of the study. Such an interview technique is intriguing as it helps tap the pain points by delving into the boundaries of a problem.

We at TSLR apprehend the urgency to explore the depths of an expanded research to ascertain facts and provide solutions. We help determine the insights of a research program by exploring the attitude and psyche to fundamental problems and assisting them with solutions.

Our Approach


  • Ascertain the objective and preparing the appropriate Target Group.
  • Depth Interviews hover around respondent thereby allowing them to do the bulk of the talking.
  • Building rapport with the respondent and allowing them to be at ease to get maximum information.
  • Adapting and acting to allow room for further discoveries.
  • Recording interviews and provide transcription services.




  • Experienced interviewers building a strong compatibility with the respondents.
  • Probing, inquiring and exploring that makes for an intriguing conversation and better quality of data.
  • Recorded interviews are carefully transcribed by experienced native research specialists.
  • Providing summary report of the interview findings in the aspired form.